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I am so hurt right now... my mom and dad just split up. For, I have never liked my dad. My hate for him raged over anything else in the world! But it still hurts... and I dont even kno y! Maybe its the fact that he has been cheating on my mom and might marry another woman....

If your parents have EVER broken up or divorced, i kno u kno how it feels!! can u help me??




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hey im really sorry to hear about that. Im actually in the same situation...but i dont hate my dad at all...he was the one who broke up my family. I think it was about a year ago he also had an affair on my mom withmy neighbor! It really sucked....but somehow we kinda got over it as a family and for about 4 months they were trying to work it out (my parents) in that time my brother who is my best friend moved out to washington dc and he was the only person who i ever talked to about that sort of stuff so i was lost. And about 3 days ago my mom found out that he was going back out wht my neighbor, so she told him that she was really hurt and so they decided it owuld be best if they would get a divorce. It really does suck and i feel so sorry for everyone who has had to deal with it because you really sort of have to pick between either of your parents. All i have to tell you is that if something is bothering you you should really talk to your mom about it or your good friend...they were always there for me. Hope this helps and i hope you feel better soon


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My biggest suggestion is dont get too involved...stay out of the arguments between your parents and dont let them drag you into it. When my parents split, I got dragged into the middle of their arguments and as a result I didnt see my Dad for 3 years......something I regret.


Without sounding rude, life will go on, you'll get through it fine, and although it sux now, it will only get better.

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