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NC is hard today


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26 days after BU... 7 days since last form of contact (she initiated). i thought i was doing better but i just really really have to force myself not to call her or feel down or start fooling myself with stupid thought like "we can still make it work".


this being broken up is the thoughest thing i had to deal with in a long time. i would like to scream to her COME BACK COME BACK COME BACK.


I will not call her, too proud too aware of my current state of mind. i just keep wondering what she is doing right now.

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I'm in the same boat man...trust me hold the NC, if you're anything like me you're just wanting to say something nice, in the hope of a positive reply...don't build yourself up just to be broken down bro, you'll hit a point where u know its best to leave any contact up to her. If she does make contact you'll feel a whole lot better than if you initiate it for no reply. Chin up!

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