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Thoughts on Rejection


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I think it is part of life. Everyone is just plain and simple just not going to like everyone else, you cant make someone like you! This was a big lesson I had to learn myself. I would get so mad when someone I found just be perfect didnt like me. But maybe it is because you are not compatible with them? You will meet someone awesome down the road!

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We get to decide how we want to use it. If we want to drill into injury, our reaction can cause all the damage and scars we can ever use to hold up and point to as the world being a cruel place. If we want to surprise ourselves with our strength and resiliency, we can shoot for that and admire those qualities about ourselves, instead.


It helps me to think of finding love as fitting a bunch of puzzle pieces together. When two don't fit, it doesn't make anybody wrong, bad or deficient. It's just not a match.


Head high.

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