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Flirting with the barista


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-I walk in, and the girl was being very friendly to me to start off

-I figured it was just her being polite

-I ordered a breakfast sandwich (which was amazing)

-I went up again, and she goes "anything else I can for you?" and I ordered a brownie

-She was really nice throughout; laughing at stuff

-Went up again, and she said "something ELSE huh? "

-Yeah, "how about your name and number?" (grew some big balls here)

-"Haha, oh my gosh!! Wow, THATS straight to the point, huh? " (she seriously acted like she had never been asked out before)

-At this point I thought I was in because of her big smile and great reaction, but then she said

-"I would, but Im so sorry, I have a boyfriend! Im sooo sorry" (idk why girls always say they are sorry)

-I just said, "oh, no problem. have a good day!"

-And she said "wait, I CAN tell you my name. Im katie"

-"Im mookie blaylock" (shake hands)

-"Im soo sorry, I feel so bad"

-"Really, don't worry about it, I should be going now"

-"Here, take my card! Im the manager here, so Im here all the time, you should come back, and we can talk! " (serious she winked at me)

-"Okay, sounds good, bye"



I might go back sometime just to see her, but probably not. there isn't really any point.


Why would she give me her card, for business? And wink at me?


Also, is it rude or disrespectful in your opinion to flirt with a barista?

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