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Statistic survey question.

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    Where do you live, and how old are you, and what would you say the percentage of openly and secretly gay people are for that area?
    Do you think that there are a lot of gay people who just don't admit to it and are secretly gay and no one can tell?
    Any other comments about this?
    Do you think "experimentation" between best friends can ruin the relationship?
    What percent of people , gay or straight, experiment with their best friend, and is it a bad idea?


Just a few questions there that I'm sure several have been wondering including myself.


I think the percentage is higher than what it is thought to be is why I was asking. I would say about 2/10 people are actually gay, and maybe 3/10 are bi, or gay. I don't think most gays would come out and be open with their relationships because they are afraid of how people would see it. I don't really think experimentationbetween best friends would ruin a relationship if ther was no pressure involved and they had both talked about how they feel about the subject. And I would say the number of people who do this is........ 35% maybe higher, especially in today's world because I see at school where EVERYONE grabs eachother's butt's, hugs and kisses all of the time, and touch eachothers privates as if it were no big deal. So ..... that is what I figure.

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Most everything I've read indicates about 10% of the popluation is gay. Could be more, could be less. I guess a lot would depend on the level of tolerance where one is. I'm also guessing that, at 15, you and your schoolmates are at an age where there is a lot of experimentation with your sexuality....trying to figure out who you are in all aspects....so that's why your estimate might be higher than 10%.


I live in Columbus, OH (...and I hang my head in shame at the election debacle, but that's another story...) and there is a large gay population here. I'm married, but I have heard that this is a tough town to be in if you are a single, heterosexual female. Apparently single, hetero guys are at a bit of a premium here, so use that info as you will, guys on the board


I honestly think that the large openly gay population is what makes this a great city to live in. Much nicer than where we came from. There is just a different, positive energy here that was absent in our former city of residence. Since there is a large gay population here, it is not unusual to see gay couples having public displays of affection -- walking hand-in-hand or kissing hello or goodbye -- particularly if you're in Short North (an area of town between OSU and downtown) where it's just normal.

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wells seeing as you are from VA, i would say it's similar to NC, in which there are several gay people (open and secret). I think here in the south there are more secret gay ppl than in other areas because of the low tolerance in these places. here at UNC, i discovered my "straight" friend with gay porn, so it just goes to show that not everything is what it seems.

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