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Please i need your help

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hello i am new here. i need your help for how to make friends? i have very few friends and some times feel quite alone. can you pls tell me how to make good friends ? I am not happy with myself. I can see there are alot of guys have friends and enjoy their life.what secrets they use ? whatz wrong with me? why i can't make friends? i will apricate any kind of comments thank you.

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I guess the best thing to do is just be friendly. Find people who are intrested in what you are. Talk to them about common intrests. Just be yourself. Don't be over eager, and want to hang out every minute, or call all the time. That tends to drive people away.


I am sure you will make friends. There is no trick to it. Be patient. Friendships don't grow over night.

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Well, first things first. Welcome to enotalone.com!


I think being yourself is the best way to get friends. People usually like to hang out with friendly and polite friends. Perhaps, you could slide in a compliment or two before starting a conversation with someone you meet.


During your free time, you could list down interesting topics to share with a person you've just met or your friend.


Hope that helps.

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thank you i think i don't take intrest in pepole 1st. I will have to take step 1st. Because pepole are not intrested in you 1st unless we are not intrested in them 1st. You are right being your self is also positive point to get pepole intrest Okay let me check to be intrested in pepole frist

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Join a club/sport that you're interested in. People there will likely have a similar personality or interests to you, and you'll get along. Also be more friendly & outgoing with people. Don't stay in your room all day, get out there & strut your stuff! Be more confident in yourself and your abilities and that will be projected to people. Seriously. I used to be really shy, but am a really determined person. My last yr of high school I decided to become president of the environmental club (I was interested in the environment) became marketing director for another club, and VP for Amnesty International and joined many sports.. I just boosted my self-confidence and other people started to like me and have confidence in me and so I became elected for a lot of stuff. Now I'm attending a top university and still very much involved with politics..my experiences in high school helped. At some point you just need to look at yourself, say "I'm not happy with myself, why is it? What do I want to accomplish? What type of person do I want to be?" and just do it.


in your msg. I sensed low self-confidence so that's why I'm just posting some tips. Do a search on the 'net or on this board for tips as well, if you want. I'm sure you'll make friends although it may take some time to get comfortable with yourself (i.e. there's nothing wrong with you.


take care,



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My advice is BE YOURSELF. Like some of the above posters said "friendships dont happen overnight" that is true. And it kind of sounds like you want a BUNCH of friends? I wouldn't worry about that either. I would concentrate on 2 or 3 REAL GOOD friends and leave it at that because afterwards people are just using you. Don't try to buy your friends by giving them things or whatever. Just for now scout around and when you find someone you like - be nice and friendly to them and go for it. That is the best way to start something, because people like to be recognized and have attention. So just listen to them and help them out - thats how I became such good friends with this guy. Just be there for people - that will take you a long way.

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