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Rebound relationships/marriage

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I was just curious about rebounds. Since my ex left a few months ago, my head keeps spinning about his marriage. I am doing my best to get over this, and everyday is easier, however I still have these thoughts. Have any of you known couples who married on the rebound, and did it work?


I hear information all the time that it works, or doesn't, and that it depends on the people. I want to hear stories, real stories. Successful or not successful.


Do rebounds work? and for the long haul? For example, my ex married, 6 weeks after our break up, to a complete stranger.


Thanks everyone ;-)

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Are you asking that if you start a rebound relationship.. Is there the possibility it may lead to marriage?


Well, of course. I would suggest not initiating a relationship with the first person who is available and willing, but possibly try to find someone you feel as though you "click" with. Also I wouldn't rush into a relationship, just try dating and see how it goes.

I'd suggest internet dating as a way of keeping you busy.


A month after a long relationship with my ex, I started internet dating and met up with a guy. A month or so afterwards, we got together and we've been together for a year and a half. As to whether marriage is on the cards.. I'm only 20. So it's a little early.

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You never know how it's going to go. There are no guarantees or predictable patterns that you can rely on for answers. You're talking about humans, after all.


That said, getting married so quickly is extremely impulsive. There's no way two people can truly get to know each other so quickly. People that just can't wait to get married are chasing a fantasy, and tend to believe that getting married will guarantee them a lifetime of love and happiness. Fools! Just look at the divorce rate. How many of those divorces are due to people getting married for the wrong reasons? A lot, if not most, I would guess.

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