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should i send him a inbox....what do i do?

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10 months ago me and my ex broke up, he broke up with me.

2 weeks ago he saw me in person and i said hey but thats about all, that night he added me on fb.

i didnt accept it till like a week and a bit later, when i accepted it he inboxed me.

we had a good longish convo and he was the one keeping it going.

this was about five days ago....

i really want to talk to him again as apparently he has told his bestfriend he still thinks he has feelings

his the most amazing guy to me and i will admit i still have feelings, what do i do!

inbox him or no...

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I see things like this: Life is all about taking chances. You live and you learn from some that you take and others are successful. Take a chance, if it doesn't work, then you know it's not meant to be, but on the other hand, it might just work this time around!

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that is actually such basic advice but extremly good! thank you jack3d, i guess if i never do ill never no. i just dont no what to say though, all he started off with was hi... hah maybe ill do it on the day he FINALLY gets his liscence and say how did your test go hav your liscence?

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I think you shouldn't contact him.... because he ended it. if his feelings are still there, he should contact you and he should only contact you if he is ready to say he wants you back. Otherwise, you are on a slippery slope and could end up in the "friend zone" always trying to win him back and he will see it as you are his friend and readily available when he decides.


I think the best thing to do, is to keep moving forward and living your life, dating and pursuing your interests.


If he told a friend he thinks he still has feelings, then let him stew on that and contact you when he is ready. He dumped you, why make it easy for him to possibly hurt you again.

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