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Gentics and Premature Ejacution


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Well, I have 16 years old and im discovering sexuality, I found pretty much all the information I need, however, there is a question I couldnt found the answer yet, and its about premature ejaculation. My father told me he was quick on bed, that he had premature ejaculation. I already search about this, and found out that this have causes both in pshycological and physical things.My father isnt nervous, and is married with my mom for 20 years, so I assume that pe is caused by his genetic information. Am also very relaxed and confident, however I do have some physical caracteristics that my my dad has too, like penis size and body type. Some studys say that PE can be genetic, so, will I also have PE or is there a chance of not inherit this condition?

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Hey man, in a 35-year-old guy.


I ejaculated sooo quick with my first girlfrend at 17. I was nervous too.


Trust me. I practiced and learned my body. I am now bragged a out for my control and ability to outlast the woman, if I want to!


Get close to finishing and stop. Take a break by kissing your gf or don't something just for her. You will build up your strength and you'll get better all the time.


You're way too youjg to worry. As for your dad, some men don't fix these things. They are afraid to get help as they assume it hurts the ego to admit that they are not perfect.

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Thanks for replying, I know that being nervous is the main cause, but as I said, I dont think that will be a problem for me, because I am very relaxed and already had some experiences and they didnt get me nervous, soo, my question is a biologic one, if my dad has genetic tendences to ejaculate quickly will I have them to? Or may I do not inherit this?

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I'm glad I don't know any of this stuff about my father


Anyway, I don't know for sure, but I don't think it's genetic. Like the first response, get to know your limitations, take it slow until you're nearly at orgasm and either stop, or slow it down. I don't know about other guys, but once I overcome that hurdle during intercourse, I can outlast my partner and ejaculate when I want to.


Sometimes foreplay is enough to overcome that hurdle. Further, for me, the hard my erection, the longer I can go and the better the foreplay, the harder my erection is.


No matter what, if you do ejaculate prematurely, give it a few minutes and get back at it. The second time will be all about her. Some of us, myself included, can hold an erection following ejaculation. My recent ex was delighted to learn this little fact!!


Anyway, try not to be nervous...you got her that far didn't ya? Once you're naked inhibitions should be out the window. Just relax and enjoy it!!

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How did you master that? I am 25 and can't get it back up for like 45mins..


I'm 39.


I honestly have no idea. 45 minutes seems a little excessive though. When I was your age, I was good to go within 10 minutes...before she changed her mind, lol.


I do know that most of the time (always?), I have to urinate after sex and it's difficult to urinate with an erection. So if I don't go to take a leak, I guess I'm still good to go??

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Have sex more and you will likely find any problem subsides.


Masturbate for an extended period before coming (ie 15+ minutes) and you'll train yourself to last longer, though once again, a lot of it depends on getting regular sex.


If you masturbate aiming to finish as quickly as possible, that can cause you to come faster than you otherwise would.


You'll also last longer for round 2, if you catch my drift. Just make sure that if you do shoot too fast you give her the attention she needs in other ways (tongue/fingers)


As far as I know there's no support for a PE being a disorder that's passed genetically.

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