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Losing your Virginity in one night stands!?!?

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I Hear People talking about how they lost their virginity and how they just did it because the "timing" was right,not because they knew that they truly loved the person.One post talked about just one time with a person that they havent seen in 3 years. So my question is what do they mean by "timing"? If people try to wait to have sex until they find that special person than why do they waste that by having a one night stand?




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I'm not too sure why they do it, i'm guessing that at that certain moment, they have an overhelming feeling of love towards that person and so they feel that it is the perfect time to have sex. They've picked the right time, hence timing...


For all they know those feelings could change within a month and that specific person won't be that special anymore which makes that intercourse not as special as it was at the time it happened.


I've recently decided to go ahead and practice abstenance. I figure that if i'm going to ask someone to marry me, they will be that special person. I want to have sex for the first time with someone special to me and thats how I will accomplish it.


Some people have sex just to have fun and some people are literally addicted to it and take it at ever chance they get.


I dont understand humans or the sex drive.


There is no real reasoning behind any of it, just be sure of what you want and dont let others interfere with that.

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I understand where you're coming from. I'm 23 years old and I'm also waiting for that special someone to enter my life before I even consider having sex. In fact I recently made a post about this. I understand that the human sex drive is a very powerful force and it can be very frustrating waiting for so long. But I believe that it will be worth the wait. I don't plan on waiting for marriage, but I'd much rather share my first sexual experience with someone very close to me rather than some cheap one-night stand. That's just where I stand on the subject anyway.


I guess some people are weak and can't wait to experience sex. They have their one-night stand and almost always end up regretting it later. I dunno why most people do what they do. lol.

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Well, some people just don't value sex that much.


Personally I think sex is a big deal and I won't have it with someone I don't know, but I know a lot of people who think nothing of it. For them, sex is just another part of life.


We just have different values...

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I'm in grade 12... What I find most frustrating is how the friends remind me actually complain that they haven't had sex yet. My one girl-friend the other say said "I'm so having sex by the end of the school year."


I dont understand how you can not value sex, something so intimate and passionate. Anything that intense definitely should wait for a special moment/person...


You dont have to wait for marriage like me, but... It seems sencible to wait for someone special or at least until you're old enough to appreciate it and realise it for what it is.


lol kids these days... Get into sex and not realize the consequences... My school has a nursury with people hired to take care of babies while students are in class... My school is about 1500 students, maybe about 5-7 babies... Thats too much, to me anyways.

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I agree. That's kind of scary.



... ^^: I didn't realize you're thinking about high schoolers though. I was thinking about people over age of 20 having sex casually... then, I think if that's their choice they should do it.


=) I waited until I found someone I'm committed to. There might be changes in the future, but I won't regret being with this guy, even if we do break up later.

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that is actually quite interesting.... i made a post saying i lost my virginity to someone i havent seen in three years. the person you are speaking of might actually be me...lol. (for those of you who dont know) the person I lost my virginity to was not someone i had strong feelings for and up until that moment i too felt that i wanted to save it for someone i felt completely head over heels for.


at one point in my life i thought i had that person (the "special" one). but that dream soon turned into a nightmare and he turned out to not be the person i thought he was (basically, he was a jerk and i didnt see it). now, i was not "desperate" to lose my virginity or anything like that. i was perfectly content with waiting until whenever. but this guy from my circle of friends and acquaintances moved to the same city where i currently attend school. we started talking once again, sparks flew and as they say, the rest is history.


we were moreso attracted to each other in the physical sense than any other way and i still see him often. sometimes we have sex and sometimes we dont. it didnt bother me that my first time wasnt with someone i loved. i mean, dont get me wrong, the first time was great because he was very gentle and he took his time to make sure i enjoyed it.


i like to think of myself as lucky that i had a good "first-time" experience even if it wasnt with someone i loved. because i think of all the horror stories told to me by friends of mine who DID do it with their boyfriends (who they loved VERY much) and their first time was still horrible. To this day, I regret nothing....

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I admit that I am glad I lost my virginity to someone I had been seeing for a long time, and I knew I cared about him. I don't think I would have forgiven myself if I had lost it during a one night stand, or even earlier in the relationship. However, I can't really tell someone else they are bad for doing that though... but I do think high schoolers shouldn't be so quick to lose their virginity. Just my two cents.

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Everyone has different feelings about what sex means to them. Quite frankly i think its unfair to judge people who lose their virginity on one night stands. I don't think you should be making them feel bad for doing it. Sex can be something physical - a need you could say, or it can be something more emotional with someone you love.


I was with my boyfriend for about a month and i don't have any regrets, i was ready to try new things and have a bit of fun. Theres nothing wrong with that i think.

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