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Had cataract surgery today


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I'm 39 years old and had cataract surgery in my left eye today. Man I can't believe the difference in my vision in that eye!!


I've only worn glasses since 2000. I went on an 11 day road trip that summer and soon realised I needed glasses. Still, the prescriptions for that eye were never ever quite right. During my last cheup, they determined I had a cataract, which I believe now has been there at least all that time (since 2000).


As a child I always squinted with my left eye, esecially in the car with the sun on that side, but I guess I always favoured my right eye.

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I guess it's not terribly uncommon at my age. Could've been dueto some forgotten injury or for no reason at all.


It's day surgery. About 20 minute procedure. I actually got in about 2hrs early as well. I've spent more time in a dentist chair. I was out within 20 minutes or so of the procedure. I feels ok, a little irritation, but ok. The (2) drops 4 times per day for the next three weeks is going to be a pain.


I got a good plain $299 flexible lense. Just my left eye. Nothing wrong with my right eye.

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