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an update on contact with my ex


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I don't know if reading all these sites has caused more harm than good bc I drive myself crazy but today something good happened. I haven't spoken to my ex in 3 months. He basically told me to leave him alone he'd done. So, I did. But him moving away is the reason I went back to school and.got a new job and I'm happy. I felt the need to share that with him so I.did. I kept things light and I gave him an update. I said the hardest part was feeling like he despises me but I understand and hope one day we can talk. I wished him well told him I miss him and that was that. This morning I checked my email expecting nothing, but he wrote back. He said he was proud of me and that he agreed that we are both where we r meant to be. He's glad he had an influence on me and is sorry things ended the way they did. He hopes in the future we can be friends and.chat more.


Basically him writing.back was a blessing but I think since I didn't bring anything up and didn't make.him feel bad he didn't feel on the defense. It more put me at peace than anything because I thought he hated me all this time. I don't know.if I can be friends with him because I would have to remind myself that's all it is or ever will be. He once.told.me we will never be together again and I have to believe.that. he will ne away for three years so it is what it is. I'm not having hope in anything but I do feel more at peace now.

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