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Why is this happening?

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I have just received some terrible news. My mother has just been sacked from a job that she has worked in for the last 25 years and is completely distraught.


Let me clarify things: my mother is a single parent and only has me to support, though I am now living away from home whilst I study. I try my hardest not to burden her with expenses because her job (make that ex-job now) was not well-paid. She still has a mortgage to pay as well as bills, so she's completely terrified with what she's going to do. The thing is, she was in this job (that she hated, might I add) for such a long time and as a result never got any high-flying qualifications that you would expect people applying for jobs to have. She's in her early 50s, single and, I'm being honest here, not terribly well educated or qualified. She's taught herself various computer skills, but her English isn't very good because it's never had to be.


I just can't believe this has happened: all I can do is cry - not because I'm worried about myself but rather that she is such a good person who doesn't deserve this. All she has done is work hard to pay for me through university only to have it wiped away because her boss wants to turf out the old workers and replace them with new younger models. All she has ever done is work and she can't afford to do anything else. Does anyone out there have any advice? Of course I'm doing what I can to help - she's emailed me her CV and I'm trying hard to find her things, but it's so depressing. Please, can anyone make us feel better about this?

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I can only emajin what you are going threw! If my Nan lost her job we would be in really big trouble. I know it is very hard for older people to find jobs but doesn't she get some sort of redundancy money? Can't she take it to the courts if it's unfair dismisal? Prehaps you could help her with her English so that she can get a better job? Speak to her in English rather than her native language.

If you need someone to talk to I'm only a pm away. I hope that you can get threw this hard time.

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