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What really have woman in her mind?

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Hi to everyone.

I want to tell my story of what is happening now in my life (and forgive me for my bad english i have years to write and speak )

Before 8 years i met my wife . When i saw her at first sight i fold and she fold in love . From this day until one month before we lived together.

At first 2 year everything seems to be perfect , she gave me so much love and attention and i gave her back double i loved her so much and meaned so much to me. After the to years passed i feal her that was far away from me (emotionaly) so i asked her what was happening in her life.

Told me that she was not feal passion with me and i am not as romantic as she want (i didnt mentioned that we were angaged already) . I told her that if she was not happy with me its better to go out of her life , so i took my packages and i run away from her as far as possible because i couldn't be in the same town with her.

After three hours passed she call me cruying and apologised for her behaviour . I came back to her and she told me that she was sorry and that i was the person she want to spend the rest of her life.

So the next year we got married and we had one beatiful daughter.

After the child she was doing the same things to me and our relationship was not good enough. I dont understand why because i tried a lot from my part . I was there when she was two weeks at the hospital never left her and i didnt even sleep to not feal alone. I support her of any decision she take . I let her to not work and to stay with the child at home because was her decision, and i get a second job to have everything she need for her and for my child . I lose friends and family to be her happy . I helped and i accept her mother in my house many times.

I moved in other country letting back job , family, friends just to be happy . And know before one month she changed a lot . She was far away from me than never was before so i asked her again what happen and she told me that she dont love me anymore in the same way i love her . We take a decision to devorce and i asked her to be honest to tell me if she had another guy . She start to be nervous and crying how i think something like this for her after 8 years we were together. I dint believe her and after two days i knew everything that she is in love with other guy two weeks before we speak . I lose my world , I feal so dissapointed and so stupid of treating me like this after all i have done for her .

I want to erase her and to move on but its so difficult for me . I feal a lot of pain in my hard in my stomach . i cant sleep and when i think that someone else touch her i lose my mind.

The next day i moved from our house she take her boyfriend to be with her all the time and introduced him to my child.

this guy is a big mess and believe me its true . I told her and doesnt believe me she thought i was gelious . But after a little bit she realised by herself and split with him .

Know she is alone and i know she cant live without someone around her .

My heart whant her back but my mind not.

When i dont see her i am not so bad but when i see her and i cant avoid that because of the child i start again to feel like s...t.



please tell what you think ?

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Thats a very very sad story. You didn't deserve that kind of treatment. I fear that your wife is going to have a pattern of acting this way. She is not as stable as you are. I don't think you should take her back, because she sounds weak and like she'll do the same thing again eventually. It's good that you can see what she's really like. I hope you don't get talked into taking her back. I'm sorry this has happened to you.

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8 years never gave me a reason to doubt about her. She was a lady with all the meanings but in one month she is a different person. After all i asked why she choose this way to devorce? it will be much easier to tell me the true at the beggining. She told me that the guy it was not the reason why she split with me it just something broke inside her.

I dont understand why one month before we make dreams and schedules about our life and for one passion she destroyed everything .

I dont hate her , i wish all the best but is the f£$%%g answer that idont have from her..... why????????????

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Yes it's normal because even though she doesn't return your love, passion or loyalty, you are her 'rock', her stability, and she won't find anyone again who would treat her as well as you did. She will miss you and regret losing you, if she does lose you. If you did stay with her she would probably change for a while but in time she would probably get discontented again. Maybe you could try a trial separation with her, see if that makes her begin to appreciate you more. I don't think you should rush back to her, but maybe in time and possibly with some counselling you two could work things out. She should be able to convince you that she won't look elsewhere before you think about reconcilation.

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No i dont stay with her i live in my own house now . Everytime she come to my place to take the child she ask me to stay for a coffee or a tea and start coversations or saying me about her life but i dont even ask for that.

Yes i want to spend time with her but also is difficult to continue my life when i see her almost everyday . My heart is broken without her and i cant be healed like this. I must find a way to refuse my feelings and to be strong .....

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