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I've known this girl for 7 years, because we lived so far away we've always talked online. I've always had a thing for her and right now we're the greatest of friends. I've never had a friend as great as this girl, she says she's never had such a great friend as me.


We've met twice, the last time was yesturday when I spent 6 hours with her at this function where all we did was talk around. It was boring as hell but we got to spend that time together with eachother and thats what made it great.


My problem is, after the greatest hug in the world. We told eachother we loved eachother, and saying goodbye to her was that hardest thing for me to ever do. I love this girl so much I could almost cry, i'm not a guy to cry. I've been in love with her the very first day I met her and that was like 5 months ago.


She has a boyfriend, right now she's saying that she is confused. I'm not trying to make her "choose me" but she knows how I feel about her and she's addmitted to feeling just about the same. She says she is confused, I dont blame her... The girl loves two guys... I live 3 hours away and he lives like 2 hours away and because she's in a small town she really doesn't have much else.


I know that she has to make this decisions on her own, she needs to realize what is truly in her heart but I wish I could help her. The poor girl isn't very good at making big decisions and this is really hard on her. I dont know what to do, if anything... I just want her to be happy.


If we had gone out, I'd visit her almost every weekend I could and every chance I get no question about it so it's not like we'd never see eachother. But, it is long distance... even though we have phones and msn... Which me and her are already on all the time anyways.


It's just my confusing information and even though I doubt any of you can offer an insight... I would like it.


Thanks - ST

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First of all, how long had it been since you two realized she had to make this choice? you shouldn't rush her but she DOES need to make a decision. Maybe you should start going to see her more often even though you are not officially going out. All I can say is try to to rush her, but also dont let her take her sweet time. If she loves you as much as you love her, by the sounds of it, she should forget this other guy. Show her how much you love her by visiting her more like you said you would if you were going out, but dont push her. Try to balance it. GOO DLUCK FINDING A HAPPY MEDIUM!

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