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a question for guys and girls


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In every social situation we place a priorities on the people that we want to talk to, as well as label other people as the "inferior bunch". I'm wondering, when you see someone for the first time, what physical traits (such as glasses, bad hair, makes you percieve that he/she is socially inferior to you? I've been in many social environments such as the classroom, work, a special event, house party where we young and intelligent twentysomethings almost automatically label someone we don't well as part of the inferior bunch.

Example 1: "James looks like a cool person to talk to because of his __________ and ___________. However I wouldn't want to be bothered with Robert..sure I'll say a few words to him just to be nice, but really he looks bad on the eyes because of ___________ and _________.


Example 2: "It seems that I could strike up a conversation with nearly everyone in the class, but there's something about the new girl that makes me say nothing to her. We were on the elevator, and she was making a comment on something, but I tuned her out

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You have a right to treat others as a social inferior, but I don't know if in the long run it is going to help you or hurt you. It may seem to be fun to make fun of people. But those people may realize that you don't like them and they still carry forward anyway...are you so great?? Or does it just make you feel better to put others in their place???


Are you a religious sort of person? Do you think that god likes people to do that to his other creatures??

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At 24, don't you think that it's wiser to start judging people based on their merit, not whether or not they wear glasses? Also, have you considered that other people might view you as being inferior? It's such a horrible way of thinking, because when it all comes down to it, social status means nothing. We are not better or worse than other people. I think the sooner people realize that, the sooner they can drop their false ways of thinking and really live life. Clothes, makeup, possessions, etc. ... they are all an illusion and will not comfort you when things get really bad in life.


I think chosing to love and accept other people, regardless of their ethnicity, appearance, social/ economic/ political status is what really separates us as individuals. Those who choose to get to know people are usually rewarded with long-lasting companionships, because they don't care to be shallow and choose their friends based on appearances.

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Although it's true that some people DO prioritize who to talk to at parties, I don't think it creates a healthy environment overall. The awkward person just feels more awkward. And everyone ends up jockeying to talk to the "cool" people instead of just having a good time or getting into unexpectedly interesting conversations with "non-priority" people.


Soo... even though you didn't ask this, I would suggest to everyone that they go into social situations with an open mind. It doesn't mean that you have to stand there stuck in a bad conversation, if that happens. But do allow for the possibility that someone could pleasantly surprise you.


If you're wanting to know how YOU can be that "cool" person, well, I'd say that you should project energy, positiveness, happiness and be thoughtful of others. Think of trying to create a good energy for the whole group. Think of yourself as PART of the group and try to contribute to it. People will appreciate that.

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In all honesty, I rarely judge people based on their looks, I talk with whomever I feel like, and I really don't care what they are wearing, or how they look etc.. I really know then who to keep in touch with based on their personality and character if it fits what I deem to be a good person.

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i think you can tell a lot about a person's personality by just looking at them usually.


Confidence/insecure, outgoing/reserved, rude/polite by posture and gesture. If somebody's well dressed it usually means they care about themselves. If they're too obsessed with their looks (looking at reflections all the time, or constantly making adjustments, then they're probably vain).


I like a girl who's friendly. Shy or outgoing's okay. Not rude. Well dressed, but not vain looking.


I admit that an overweight girl will be low on my social priorities on getting to know. It's not physically attractive, and it shows that you don't take care of your body that much. Slightly chubby is okay, but obese isn't. Same goes for being too skinny.

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