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OKay I am really having a hard time coming to terms with myself I have read several of the threads on this board and you all seem so supportive I was hoping maybe someone could help me a little...


About 3 months ago I broke things off with Josh. Our relationship was actually quite serious but I couldn't take being in a situation where I loved him but I didnt want an intimate relationship with him. The thought of it grosed me out.


not long after that I was visiting some friends from high school and I came accross a girl that I had known. We talked for about eight hours and I had the biggest crush on her. A little while later she admitted to me she felt the same way we parted with a good-bye kiss...


2 weeks ago i saw her again... we watched a movie together and cuddled for awhile... she kissed me. Well we walked outside so we could talk and she told me that she couldnt do this because her religion. I said okay I promise I wont tempt you. If nothing else can we be friends she said sure. The next day she came back over and we were all hanging out and she sat in my lap. not a big deal most of my friends are affectionate like that. well a little later into the night she kissed me and i said are you sure this is what you want and she verified yes I want to be with you. we ended up making out. I went home late that night


We talked on the phone on like Wendesday night and ended up having phone sex.


Last weekend I was at my friends again and she was there once again we started making out. Well we stopped because people came in and I was just laying there in her arms and she asked me to follow her outside. She once again told me she couldnt do this because it was "wrong in the sight of God"


Personally I am not a Christian so I try to see where she is coming from and respect her bounderies but I dont know what to do... any ideas???

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okay, using scientific reasoning on this


okay, well, it is against the chcristian faith, to be a homosextual, I'm not christian completely though, so I think I can answer this.

I know a littel about love and it almost sounds like that is happening here. I think that it dosen't matter what your belifes are, if your in love, than go for it. as for respecting her wishes, You should do this, and if the love was ment to be, than it will bloosem despite of religion,BTW I also know a few gay christians.

I also sense that you two don't want to be open with all of this. the first step in love is to be open, but be careful who you are open to, as you know, not many people accept gay relations, personally, I don't care.

I hope this helps you alot.

Do you have YIM or AIM?

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it sounds like she likes you and she might be gay or bi or just curious. She sounds like she needs to come to terms with herself and her desires. Homosexuality is not a choice so thereforeeee I don't see how it could be wrong in the eyes of God. If he made people that way, why would he turn around and say it's wrong. It's people who think it's wrong, humans. I think everybody is beautiful in their own way nomatter their race, sexuality, hairstyle, bank account, bla bla bla...

But thats just my personal opinion.


I'm not Christian. I was brought up Roman Catholic and frankly I got sick of people telling me I've got to believe what the church believes or else I'm not Christian (and this was on everything!! who to vote for, abortion, what to wear, how to act...) I thought it was wrong in the eyes of God to tell me I am not allowed to think for myself. So I believe in God, but I am not Christian.


However, I know plenty of gay christians. There are organizations for gay christians...


I guess what I'm trying to say is that she likes what she likes so why is that wrong?

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well sinse I last posted I have kind of started to attend a christian church so I see more of where she is coming from but also I called her one night to tell her that I was going into the Navy but I go so nervous on the phone with her especially sinse she had alreadytold me that she wanted nothing to do with me... So I said I had the wrong number and politely hung up. The next day a mutual friend of ours called and told me that she said that if I ever called there again she would place harassment charges on me.


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