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What does it take to be a friend?

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You friend is a "true" friend if they are there for you no matter what! It doesn't matter if it is 4am and they have class at 7am, if you need them they are there. They are able to just LISTEN to you without having to tell there own story about a similar situation. They are loyal and trustworthy.


A "friend" is someone that you hang out with from time to time but don't know very much about them. You feel comfortable calling them and hanging out from time to time.


A "good friend" is someone that you know a good bit about but they don't know your deepest darkest secrets. Kind of more than just a friend but not yet a best friend. They have the potential to be a best friend.


A "best friend" is the person that you run to with everything, the first person that you think to call when you just got your heart broken. They know your deepest darkest secrets and you know theirs. You know stuff about each other that you pray to God nobody else ever finds out! They consider your family their family too. They are the people you call in the middle of the night when you just feel like crying or talking.


These are just my answers to your questions, I am sure other people will define them differently. I hope this helps though.

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Hi Didyoumissme, This is what I learned about true friends so far:


1.) You will run into your true friends when you least expect it.


2.) A true friend is someone who watches your back without you having to ask. They are there for you because they care. A true friend is someone who will be concerned about you, just as much as you are concerned for them.


3.) Despite everything that happens, you guys will always share those moments of laughter, joy, and saddness together.


4.) No matter how many heartaches you guys run into, no matter how many boyfriends you break up wth, in the end, guys come and go, but your friends will always be there.


5.) No matter the distance, no matter the years spent apart, you guys will always share that same bond. That person who you once knew before, is the same person that you still know today.


6.) Your true friend is someone who understands you inside out. They know your little quirks, the little things that get to you, and the little things that cheer you up. The memories that you have will never be erased.


7.) Your true friends will always be there for your important events (Graduation, baby showers, weddings, etc.)


8.) Your friends are there through thick and thin.


I am be proud to say what's mentioned above is true, because my friends and I have known each other since Jr. high. We used call ourselves L.T.D. Now that we're all in college, we still periodically keep in touch. Although we all went our own ways, in a lot of ways, our bond is still the same. Everytime we have a get together, we still share those moments of laughter. It's as though we never left each other. We always seem to pick up from where we last left off. We never grew apart.


One of the things that touched my heart was when my friend said this, "Ever since I joined my serority, I miss you guys even more! No matter what, no matter who I meet, I always look back and remember the bond that we shared. No one compares to you guys." I kinda choked up when she said this. I'm not big on the serority thing, but I always thought that we'd grow apart, ever since she pledged.


After everything that we've gone through, I can truly say that your true friends are like your soul-companions, people who you're destined to meet, and grow up with. You face life's challenges, happiness, and sorrows together. Despite everything, deep down inside, we are still the same people, who we first met, when we were 14....

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Gosh... daisy20 and mahlina GREAT POSTS. I agree with what you say... but you keep referring to "best friends" as in more than one. Yes with girls I understand that but what about with guys? Isn't it hard for a guy to have more than "one best friend"? I'm talkinga bout a TRUE ONE. They tend to get jelous easily - like as with a girl.

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