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Ok my b/f and I will have been together now for six months on the 17th. Well last Thursday I was hanging out with this guy who really likes me and I like him. Well me my best friend and his best friend went to his house. Well his best friend and my best friend hooked up, and so did me and the guy. It first started in his car when our friends got out and took a walk in the park so we were just sitting in his car when he was like hey do you wanna kiss? And Im like ya sure. We were kissing for a while then I pulled away and he was like what's wrong and Im like well I kinda have a b/f and he was like ya I kinda have a g/f, but she treats me like crap. So that's when we all went back to his house and started watching movies then we kissed some more and started touching each other then he started fingering me. I don't know what was wrong with me that night because I care sooo much for my b/f , we love each other sooo much! Me and that other guy ALMOST had sex!!!! That is horrible! I can't believe I was doing all that. I felt soo bad that I started crying and then he was like what's wrong then I told him how bad I felt because I know how much my b/f cares about me and how much he loves me and how much I care for him and how much I love him. Then we stopped all that then at school today we didn't really talk just smiled and waved. Then I saw him with his stupid g/f after school. He says that he really likes me and that he has finally found someone that he really likes but I have a b/f. My best friend says that I should break up with my b/f and go out with this other guy, but I say no I shouldn't because I love my b/f with all my heart. And I don't just want to throw everything me have and shared away just like that! I really like this other guy but I love my b/f. Sooo what should I do???

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What you did was kind of dirty, you should have thought about your boyfriend before hooking up with this other guy, If I were you, I would stop all contact with this other guy and after a while tell your boyfriend about what happened. If he understands then you should really keep him and never think about doing this ever again.


And if he dumps you, then there is nothing you can do because it was your responsibility in the first place.


Another option is that you never tell your boyfriend about it and just forget about the whole thing while still being with together with him, and being just friends with this other guy.


But i don't recommend it because if he never finds out, what is stopping you from doint it again anyway? Just a couple of weeks this happened to me. My girlfriend dumped me for my friend and it really sucks.


Don't break this guy if he really cares for you, hope the advice helps...

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You should always follow your heart not your mind if you dont tell him the truth it will come back and haunt you trust me iv been through it, i know how it works so just believe and youll see the outcome, sometimes the truth hurts more than the lie.

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