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an EGO BOOST poem for all you writers out there


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im not much of a poet but i write all the time... i suck... so heres a poem anyway... dont fall out of your chairs OR wet yourselves from laughing too hard... actually if it makes you happy, then go right on ahead and do that...



Reach up high

Catch the stars as they fall out of the sky

The world is ending

And my wounds aren't mending

The innocent child pulled the alarm

There is no real end to self-harm

Look up anyway

The pain will end someday

Throw away your sharp toys

Silver metal makes a distinct noise

As it hits the bottom

The look of my razors seduction is no longer modern

But I can't seem to resist

As I drag it accross my wrist

I want to take control of my life

I have control with my knife

The stars fall endlessly against my wrists

Like a soft, crimson angel's kiss

Fallen angels cry black tears

They made a mistake to fulfill all fears

Like me, totally misguided

They hate life and try to fight it

Watch the flowers frown as I walk by

I make everything worse -- don't catch my eye

I tried to catch the tears that fell

But you got worse, I can tell

I'm sorry for the pain I've caused

But you never even paused

When you saw my body cut wide open

On the ground my soul is broken

Stars still fall all around

As my lifeless body lies on the ground

Close my eyes, say goodbye

I've finally curled up into a ball… and died.





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