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How to be aggresive

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I posted a similar topic a little earlier, but Id still like some help. The thing is, my gf complains sometimes that Im not aggresive enough when we fool around, and that she always has to initiate the kissing. I try my best, but Im always worried that Ill end up being aggresive at the wrong time, like when she has lots of stuff to do. Anyways, does anyone have any examples to help me out of how to be aggresive and domineering? Also, I dont know how aggresive I should be, bc Im afraid if Id end up scaring her or sumtin if I got too into it.

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I think the trick to being aggressive is to be confident. Don't worry that she is too busy at the moment, that is the whole point. You want to take her away from whatever she is doing and sneak in a kiss or something more .


Be in control. Don't be afraid of her--surprise her...Grab her close and kiss her, don't wait for her to do it. Don't give her time to think. I don't know what else to tell you except that YOU take her hand and take her where you want to go. She is telling you that this is what she wants so I don't think she would mind.


I think most women want a man who is sweet to them, but can dominate them in the bedroom.

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Ok well, we talked about it a little more tonight, and one of her biggest beefs is that I never "initiate" the kissing and fooling around. Maybe she's right, but as far as I can tell, I initiate just as much as she does. Does anyone have any specific methods or anything to be dominating, and also, better ways to "initiate"? Oh BTW, when I ask her, she gets upset because Im supposed to know these things, and I shouldnt have to ask her. Please help me ASAP

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Kiss her a lot and make a big deal out of her when you first see her. Pinch her bottom and make her feel welcome.


Tell her she looks nice and that you want to eat her up, something silly like that.


Just be really happy to see her and make her feel like she is the best thing in the world. Listen to her when she talks, don't pretend to have all the answers.


You are trying to train her to love you, so set a good example.

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Walk up to her and kiss her. If she responds, kiss her again.


If she seems distracted or unresponsive to the first or second kiss, hug her and let her go. She has other things on her mind. She won't be irritated by a couple of kisses.


If she responds and returns your kiss, then she will probably be interested in more.


It's detecting how interested she is that's the difference between 'aggressive' and 'belligerent'.


(This works for me, your mileage may vary.)

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It's detecting how interested she is that's the difference between 'aggressive' and 'belligerent'.



What he said ^^^



Not to jack the thread, but I always look forward to your posts OldGuy.. Your always full of simple wisdom thats often overlooked by us fella's when we get caught up in the moment..

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