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What is the best way to say no?

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Ok, I've posted here before. It's a girl that likes me and had a b/f. Now they broke up, I don't know why. So now like at school in one of my classes she asks me qeustions about the lesson, I try and explain it to her. She asks me alot of questions usually about school related matter. I've noticed that as I'm explaining something to her she keeps smiling and the quickly realizes that she is smiling and tries to stop. She also keeps mentioning me to her friends alot and I think she might ask me out soon. I am really not interested in her. If she asks me out how do I tell her that I don't like her without hurting her? Cuz I have to say no, I mean if I say yes and we go out it will not last for very long and she will be even more hurt then.

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one thing you can do, if she asks you out, say something like that you'll hang out with her (if you wan to) but you're not in any type of postion to be dating or to be able to committ to anyone....or if you feel you don't even want to hang out with her, then just let her down easy by saying you're extremely busy and that you're booked for a few weeks. But if you get some free time then you'll let her know, but just don't get any free time lol...that's harsh, but funny nonetheless, and should work.


hope this helps.

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I really think honesty is much better. You could exaggerate a bit and tell her you're very very busy but don't say that you'll call her if you have some free time. Don't tell her you'll hang out with her either, that will give her false hope. Don't tell her you want to be friends unless you really mean it and if you do, make it clear that that's all you want...otherwise don't tell her you want to be friends...just tell her that you're too busy and can't make it or alternatively that you don't have those feelings for her.

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