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then just email her. ask her something about the class since that's what you have in common with her. Maybe pretend you forgot something about it like an assignment or something. Then wait to see if she replies. If she does then go from there. If she doesn't, then just pretend you never sent it when you see her in class.

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No, there is something you should do first before email.


You should have some physical contact first. That way at least she has some way of putting a face to the email?


You didn't quite make it clear how far you are with this girl..


If you have just been admiring from a distance and don't know her, I would really advise against it.


Random emails from people in class becomes stalker/creepy like?


Wait until next time you have class, strike up a conversation with her. When it's time for her to leave, the ask "hey can you write down your email address, (Phone is better) for me so I can contact you?"


That's how I met my first girlfriend.

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