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well i am on here because i am depressed. properly depressed. it's not like i ain't told anyone, 3/4 of mi girl firiends know and i even told a teacher, as the result of which i am seeing this lady from student support once a week. However, i am still feeling bad. I mean, my problem is based around school and also the person that I am. i mean, i don't know what else to write, there are so many issues here i think if i typed them all it would take until Jnuary to type them. i guess i am asking for advice/help, i mean even mi family know but they don't really understand - they think it will just like go away just like that. i was offered (at school) that i could go see a counseller (the lady from SS i'm seeing can't counsell with me, she can just talk to me / about it all) wel that's about all , anything you want to know if it wil help you then ask me and i'll reply.



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Yes, give us more info. I do think that it would help you to have someone to talk to on a weekly basis, like a counselor. But, if you are just generally depressed for no real reason it's probably biochemical and there are drugs that can help you with that. Medical professionals often recommend a combination of drug and therapy for depressed people.

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I think I could guess the issue, but I would leave that for you to explain man.


The problem I find with other people (god bless their attempts) that they can't be sympathetic because many of them forget what it's like to be in that situation.


Hell I went through terrible depression in High school and no one REALLY cared or noticed. I was taking poor care of my body, thought and attempted suicide many times and when I was caught nothing changed. No one made any attempts to make things better and the only thing that kept me going on was my now ex gf.


I, like everyone else would like to know what it is you're upset about. Because I'm betting just talking about it isn't going to fix it and I'm also betting that everyone else thinks you're just a little loopy right now and will get out of it. Far too many people don't look at depression as a serious issue at times and they fail to really reach out when those need it most. That's my experience anyways.



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well i dont think i know why, noty at the moment, i want to find out so that i can fix it.


at the moment i am just struggling through lesons and all that, lyk i want to cry all the time but i cant. i might skip school tomoroow (friday) i really cant face it.


also i feel like either i hate everybody or they hate me - i mean i hate all mi "guy friends" i just hate them all, and i hate everyone!!


hormones don't help either, do they...


i do think its mostly no reason.

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peggnose, I am not sure how old you are, but I honestly believe that at some stage in life, everyone suffers a fit of depression.


I have- to the point I was hospitalised for a suicide attempt and had to be given antidepressants from a doctor.


I went to counselling and a psychatrist, also a psychologist, of which I learnt how to be more negative than I already was. It's a shame when you have so many issues that you can see all of these 'professionals' and not gain anything from them- the most I gained was that not one of them understood where I was coming from, and where I was going to.


I suffered depression in the strongest form when I was about 16 right thru to 23, and I still have periods where it flares its ugly head, and I feel not in control, and unable to proceed with life. Mind you, I have many more positives now and have lost the urge to try to take my life.


As you're not supposed to do, I took myself off the anti-depressants, and now I just go with the flow. I have so many mental insecurities I am surprised that I can even have a bf sometimes. And to be told (even though sometimes I don't believe him) that I am loved, is a shock to my system.


The biggest thing I guess I am trying to say is you do somewhere in you have the strength to move forward with this. Even if you end up at the doc on anti-depressants, you will find that eventually life will deal you positivity and strength.


Please don't get into self-harming; in the long term you suffer. Believe me.




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