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What does she really mean!


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See, there's this girl i like..duh . We're friends, and she knows I like her, I've told her awhile ago. But she has a boyfriend. They've been off and on for the last couple of years. She was on a break with her boyfriend, and I told her my feelings. She told me she liked me back...but she wasn't sure if she wanted a new relationship, if she wanted no relationship, or if she was going to get back together with her boyfriend.


Eventually, a few weeks later, she got back together with her boyfriend. But ever since then, she's still been talking to me alot, and giving me alot of compliments...and she insists that when she told me she liked me, she wasn't lying.


But just recently...she said something to me that I've been thinking about. We were on msn and she was complaining about her boyfriend, and how he always makes her feel bad, and how he doesn't really show that he wants to spend time with her. I was in an awkward position, so I just tried to tell her that there's no way anyone should make her feel bad, she's much too good for that. And at the end of that convo, she whipped out a line. She said "you're so nice...I wish you were my boyfriend!" Of course...I didn't know exactly what she meant, so I kind of just brushed it off with a stupid smiley, and she changed the subject. So now the boat has sailed, and I can't talk to her about that comment..it would be kind of strange to bring it up again.


Now here's my confusion...how am I supposed to take this? Does she kind of mean it...Might she want to get together with me? Or is it more likely that she means... "I wish my boyfriend was as nice as you"...which has completely different implications?


And also...If you KNEW full well, that someone liked you, would you say a line like that if you didn't mean it? I mean...you'd have to know that it would hurt him if it wasn't really true...wouldn't you?


any comments would be very appreciated

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ok first off if I was her and if i were in her position i dont think i would say something like that unless i really ment it, I think she knows that you are a really sweet guy (which it sounds like you are) and her Boyfriend is not. have you seen then togther i mean how do YOU think he treats her,

my advice to you is to be her friend through everything that shes going through and just keep being there for her ya'no, and then if YOU see that hes not treating her right tell her and...be her superman do you know what i mean? tell her that she is just to wonderful of a person to be treated like that.

And i defenitly think she still likes you and that comment was really ment.


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