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Can unresponded love prove successful in the end?

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That's just it...

Your opinions, and what's more _significant_, your experience stories.


Sometimes it is better to keep on trying to attract the person you're much into just to prove you can handle difficult situations too, and sometimes it is better to just give it up to free your beloved one from your endless and hopeless and aimless and really-really stupid attempts to make him/her love you back.


It is much to consider - your own feeling, your chosen feelings towards you (s/he might as well like you or you could make him/her vomit), the goals which you are going to achieve with this (make a new girl/boy friend, marriage, simple one-two week attraction, etc) and finally the other part of society (your and his/her relatives, friends, etc)


So, try to do your best, and answer possibly with good argumentation - CAN it finally be responded if you try much , or it CANNOT be and your feeling should be left alone for you to suffer miserably as a real loser.


Please, do not advice something like - there are a lot of others girl/guys, find your soulmate, etc. The situation is just as it is - either this exact person becomes your new love, or you end up alone.


I intentionally do not give any details - let it be a rather abstract yet important discussion. Let's hope it will clarify some of us some important things in life.

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It's a 50/50 thing this is, you will get cases from both sides.


For me, my love used to be requited, now it's a one sided thing, the other party just grew away from me in the end, but i haven't.


There is no answer set in stone for whether unrequited can become requited love, but i think it depends quite alot on the persons mindset, and whether they are willing to try for the other's love.

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May aswell say my story.


I fell for my best guy friend, we "went out" (didn't really count, too young and immature), well, i didn't move on, you should really, because being stuck on an ex isn't really good for your personal growth.


Anyway, i let my feelings take power over my rational thoughts, bad idea, always listen to rational thoughts, so i confess, another bad idea, i think you should always test the waters a little bit first to get an idea of how they feel.


So i got rejected, "i just want to be your friend" was the general jist, but i haven't lost this guys friendship (for now anyway), so maybe the risk is worth taking?

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Hee hee this happened to when i was about 15 spent about a year trying to impress this girl i really really liked - none of it worked obviously but it was kinda fun we didn't end up being friends i think i irritated her just a bit looking back now.


I guess the truth is that some poeple will never find anyone - as harsh as that sounds so if you do find someone who you like and likes you value them, cherish them, and don't lose them!

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A lot of times, I get caught trying to do everything to make a relationship work perfectly. Like my currect situation, I am falling head over heal with one of my co-worker at work. I have met her about 3 months, we gone out 2-3 times. She is unsure what she really wants in her life. She still has a feeling for her ex (which they break up time after time). The weird part is they lived together as well. She is working 2 jobs just to forget about her ex. I have tried to listen, talk to her, and comforted her. She is a wonderful person. I know she wants t move on but I guess her feelign for her ex is still there. I am falling madly in love with her. I don't want to be the one putting on the effort into a relationship that I may get hurt in the long run. I really wish she wil lget a chance to get to know me better.


I totally believe in a love relationship it takes two to make it work.

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