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Poetry: By Aktrez


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I found my poetry book, that I have kept throughout my life, today. Some of this is very emotional for me. And some, I couldn't even bear to type. But, here are a few:


The Memory

I sit there remembering your beautiful eyes.

the tears well up, so I look to the skies.

The thought of your friendship is so very dear.

I close my eyes and wish you were here.

The sweet scent of you close to me.

Your loving smile I long to see.

I sit here remembering the battle you faught.

I want to hold you, but know I cannot.

I will never forget what you meant to me.

You hid your true feelings so I wouldn't see.

I want you back, to be with me here.

I remember these things, and then... shed a tear.


The Face

I looked out my window today and there I saw a strange face staring back.

I was scared.

This was not a familiar face that I have known.

I studied it.

It was different.

A stranger?

The comfort I had known slipped away.

I waas afraid.

The eyes seemed so sad....


Filled with fear.

It made me wantt o reach out and help.

So, I reached out my hand and touched the glass.

The being on the other side did the same.

I looked deep into it's eyes and saw the image of a little girl.

She sang...



Without worries... without cares.

I began to cry.

So, I turned away from my reflection.


Who Said this Was Fun

The heartbeat quickens

You can hardly breathe

The sweat beads up

You try to leave

The muscles tightend

Your eyes are glued tight

The fists are clenched

You shake with fright

The words are stuck

Your lips won't move

The fight has begun

You're going to lose

The words pour out

You aren't being heard

The words, again

You're misunderstood

The body comes closer

You're frozen in fear

The bodies connect

You shed a tear

The pain stops the words

You cry out in vain

The motion continues

You're feeling more pain

The motions now cease

You lie on the bed

The body receeds

You feel like you're dead

The acting begins

You have to lie

The lines are thrown at you

You're in love with this guy?

The horror is over

You pull out of the yard

The pain is still present

You've let down your guard

The night is now over

You can't believe what was done

The pain's just beginning

Who said this was fun?


The World of my Dreams

As the light fades into darkness;

And the sun disappears from the sky,

I lie in my bed and think of the day;

And slowly I close my eyes.

And I dream of a world that is colorblind;

Yet colored with vibrant hues.

A world that only knows winning;

Where no one has heard the word "lose".

And I wish I could stay in this glorious place;

As the moon disappears fromt he sky.

But sadly I say a heartfelt farewell;

As I slowly open my eyes.

Yet I know I'll return when the day is through;

To that wonderful place, where it seems;

No harm will befall, no bad things exist..

The World within my dreams.



It starts as one tiny point.

Branches off into rays in all directions.

It comes in all colors.

And illuminates the way.

It brightens up the darkness;

and makes day... day.

It gives comfort in our sorrow...

And radiance in our glee.

It makes creators out of dreamers..

And a dreamer out of me.

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