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When Its More Then Just friends???

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Ok Ive known this guy for over 4 years... 2 of the years Ive loved him and I never thought once we would ever stop talking, no we never dated only becuz we were the best of friends and we were like sister and Brother.. at the same time him and everyone I knew, Knew i loved him with all my heart.. and to this day I still do.. well recently I moved around 3 months ago away from him and every day we talked but then he started saying I didnt care anymore.. I told himIts best maybe not for him but for me to get over him cuz emotionally im not stable that we shouldnt talk anymore.. and he hung up on me and I havent talked to him for over 3 weeks and though its a really short time its actually Seem likes forever.. when I go back to where I live Im going to visit him i think.. But Im wondering if I should call him? just to say hey

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dont phone him because it will be just as easy for him to put the phone down on you as he did before he is probably scared of what you have to say to him he scaed of loosing youa dn thats what has happened!

there could be a chance that he feels the same for you! surely you are hurting not being with him? if ur friendship was as strong as you say it was then he will be hurting too! its not easy just make sure you get him where he cant run away from the truth! it will take time just be willing to take that time to work things out! it its ment to be then it will all turn out exactly how you both want it in the end!


lots of luv TTMO


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