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today, i went over to my neighbors house to watch a movie with her

her parents are home, its cool, they don't mind us...


someone rings the doorbell.......

my neighbor? No.

her brother? No.


My Sister.....where did she come from? i hadn't even talked to her that whole day.....


so me and this girl are sitting on the couch, i can tell she wants to be close to me by the way she keeps getting up for something and sitting down closer and closer..


anyway, she gets up, gets the door, my sister comes barging in, sits in between me and the girl...


how gay is that? no one invited her...she just waltzt right over..


she sits there for about 20-30 min b4 my mom calls her back over to do some stuff..(i think my mom was involved ) she leaves


girl sits up, puts a pillow right next 2 me, and lays down..


sister comes back after a while....girl pulls a good move...tells me to scoot over so my sister has to sit on the end ( 8) ) yay...my sister sits down, says, "ur getting closer 2 my brother!"..girl plays it off 8) ...


so we're sittin there, watchin movie, girl keeps flipping her head back and looking me into the eyes and telling me stuff about the movie and asking me stuff...always with a smile on her face


i made her laugh, a lot, so i think it went pretty smooth despite my nosy sister

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i was reading about this in your earlier post. this was an interesting read too.


i think you played that extrememly well, man. you get my applause for keeping cool when your sis comes in to start trouble. sounds like you really made an impact on the girl you were with, too.


again, nice job 8)

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