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Bad boy !!!


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Hi everybody! Hum... I would like to know why I'm always attracted by men who don't care 'bout girls!!

This is very stupid i know but it's a fact!


In this moment, i'm very attracted by a boy who seems to be pretentious and he's not nice with girl.

How to allure these guys uh ???? I'm lost !!!


Am I the only girl like that ???

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Sorry Girls but you can't stop.


It's actually biological. You are naturally attracted to guys that are very masculine and have manly characteristics. It is on the subconscious level. The nice guys probably give off a feminine vibe hence the lack of attraction.


The challange part also appeals to your biological make up.


Don't be mad at yourselves you can't help it. What would be ideal for you would be a guy who was manly like the guys who don't seem to care but, who was actualy considerate about your feelings, but not too much.



The problem is there are not many guys like that around. So you are stuck with the 'Jerks' & 'Nice' guys.


Happy hunting girls.


Oh just one thing, don't expect to have happy ever after relationships with the uncaring guys and don't be too harsh on the nice guys.


When you get older you will probably get better at picking a better quality partner, hopefully...

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I dissagree with what you're saying above.


Musculine guys aren't all jerks, and nice guys aren't all "nice" either. Not to mention, there hasn't been any studies to prove women are attracted to jerks, so saying we're biologically attracted to jerks is a false statement.


Personally I have never been attracted to any jerks, and most of my friends date very nice guys too. I don't now why some girls keep ending up with jerks, but it doesn't have to happen.


Frankly, I wouldn't give most jerks a second look.

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lol, or maybe you're just waiting for a nice girl to date you.


I never dated until I turned 20 and I treat my boyfriend very nicely. Well, of course, that's partially because of how well he treats me...


My friend doesn't plan on dating until she turns 23 or 24, she's still waiting. She wants a one shot to marriage thing, so she's waiting for herself to mature and for guys to grow up. I know any man who snatches her will be the luckiest person I know. She's rich, she has a nice personality, she's smart, and she's beautiful.


Maybe you finish last because you'll end up with someone like her?

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Ever heard David Deangelo talk about the different parts of the brain?

To cut it short, the oldest part of our brain is reptile brain it's a bunch of millions years old and it controls hertbeat, breathing and sexual desire.

The next brain we got was the brain theat controls emotions and alike. We needed this brain to be able to cooperate and communicate with each other. All primates and social animals have this brain to different extent.

The last brain we had is what separate us from the other animals. It controls logic, learning and alike.

When a girl uncontrollable goes for the jerk it's her reptile brain speaking. So if that's the case, do you really want that? They communicate with the reptile part of the mens brains by making themselves look beutiful (silicon, too much makeup and whatnot) and being submissive. So, if you consider yourself better than a reptile (remember it's the other parts of the brain that makes us superior to other animals and makes the modern day alpha-male) you have to look beyond that. I do! I never look twice on a girl like this! It's not uncommon that the guys in this category (and probably alot of the girls) aren't even CAPABLE of expressing feelings (or even feeling them) thanks to mentally deseases (i.e. autistic and psychopathic behaviour). Autistic people LEARN how to respond to different situations even thogh they can't FEEL what is right to do.


The next part of the brain are the feelings. This where it starts to get interesting! This is much harder to stimulate, which actually can explain why "nice guys" sometimes are more insecure. It's about uncouncious signals that you send to each other to make the other person FEEL good about themselves and their lives which are sometimes hard to decode. When you get far enough in this process you fall in love and as we all know it's the best thing in the world. You often drop to much of your own life because when you're with her you FEEL better than when you engage in whatever you did before you met her. So to not be considered needy (and according to some women "needy" and a "wimp") you have to consciously step back and now that we talk about consoiusness we get in to the third part of the brain.


The reasoning and logic part of the brain has little to do with attraction. But it's absulutly necessary for a relationship to be able to solve problems in the best fashion. This is not about control!! You have to keep an open mind and listen to the people around you to be able to make good desicions. Remember that people that think they know it all never learns anything new (ever thought about why the highschool QB, i.e. alpha-male, more often ends up at the trailerpark or in prison than others?)!


Ok! Let's use our intelligence (the newest brain) for a moment:

When you see a reptile in nature, what do you do? You kill it or you walk away. When I see this kind of behaviour in people I actually feel sorry for them (or laugh at them), because I know that they are not in touch with their FEELINGS and thanks to that miss the most interesting stuff in life.

If you look a woman in the eyes and all you see is a zombie with a nice body, feel sorry for her and move on. You can't help her. She has to make that desicion for herself.


Remember to NEVER take crap from a lizard nor be enticed by it!

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Ok! Let's use our intelligence (the newest brain) for a moment:

When you see a reptile in nature, what do you do? You kill it or you walk away. When I see this kind of behaviour in people I actually feel sorry for them (or laugh at them)


Um, what else are you supposed to do, offer it some of your french fries?

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