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Ok, i really need some help from all of the posters out there. Ok it all started when i became really good friends with this girl that i worked with. She was dating someone at the time so i new that i would not have any chance of gitting with her so i didnt even try, but we started hanging out more and more with each other and i started going up to her house and everthing. Well we remain friends to this day and i am deeply in love with her SISTER. But there is only one problem her sister is dating another guy as well, but i know she has feelings for me other than just a friend. I really like her and i would do anything for her. We have never had sex, but she has tried to get to me do it with her, but i just couldnt, because we was not dating and i was afraid that it could draw a line in our friendship and i would die if that happened. I dont no if she really knows that i care this much about her or not or if she just thinks i like her as a friend. But here latley she has avoided me like crazy. Its because of her boyfriend he will not let her do anything with me, we would go to the movies together we would go out and eat and know all that has stopped deader than 10 o'clock. I dont no what to do i care so much about her but i am sceared that if i tell her how i really feel that it will drive her away from me being her friend.

I need your help please...

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I think maybe you should just continue being her friend and that's it. Since she has a boyfriend and she know's she can't get with you. Maybe she's just the type that's only interested in what she just can't get.


In the meantime why not have fun, flirt, date other single girls. Wait till she's single again and then pursue her.

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