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Guys why does he do this...CONFUSED


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ok I'm not quite sure where to put this ...My friends say hes flirting but iunno anymore. so here it goes


There is this guy in my 2nd period I see him right before going to his locker i walk past him He always seems to lift his eye brows up to indcate (sp) hes saying hello...the other day i looked at him and looked away i saw him do it at first then he did it again i think he wanted to make sure he saw me or soemthing?...also once in a couple of days when we have nothing to say he flips me off in the middle of class but then smiles like hes telling me hes joking I HAVE NO IDEA WHY HE DOES THIS!


FYI he has never had a girlfriend before hes pretty shy when it comes to girls everyone says him and hes brother (twins) become mean to the girls they likes because they dont know how to act...


also...I know this is probably going to make you guys say "oh well get over him" but i can't... but today i saw him at lunch he saw me he was about to walk past me when this girl he knows like looks at him then kisses his cheek he did the same alot of girls at my school kiss their friends on the cheek (guy friends) everyone says if she was his gf they would of kissed on the lips...(I really want to believe that) BUT before you say anything READ MY OTHER POSTS then tell me what you think... only if you have the time.. THANKS

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I don't think (tell me if I'm mistaken) he is mean to girls, I know I've used my dry sarcastic english humour with girls, that just doesn't work.


But its not a move, I use it without knowing, because I like the girl....


In simple terms, guys try and be funny to impress....maybe he is trying that.


As far as the eyebrow raising goes, I would say he is just doesn't know how to act himself and comfortably around girls that HE LIKES. You can always act yourself with friends, but as soon as you start liking somone, it just all goes downhill....


I maybe wrong, but from what you've said, it could that...

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