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How do i know if i feel ......


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an attraction w/ some of the boys at my college.... Some of the guys would stare at me and try to get my attention when class is going on. They dont approach me. i do approach them. its getting to pissed me off when they do it. Some of them ive been talking to but the others i dont. How can i find out why they do this , i cant pay attention in class when they do this. I do tend to look back at them. With some of them i do feel an attraction when i talk to them........need help , iam not that good w/ the boys issue......

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hah i feel ya sister boys can be confusing but ya gotta love um! but i wud try n ignore them during class! your grades are way more important...and if your not afraid to talk to them ..go up to them after class and get their info ..email, phone number, screen name! and chat it up with them at some point in time you will certainly be able to tell if they are into you or not!

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three of the guys i have gave them my email. but i have not goting any messages from them....... When i do see them i do chat them up. well this thur. theres going to be a hikeing trip w/ class and about 4 of the guys that r in that class i do like and they do look at me all da time , in class and out of class. but i only know what 2 of them are like.

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an attraction w/ some of the boys at my college.... Some of the guys would stare at me and try to get my attention when class is going on.


This describes exactly what is happening to me. In one of my classes of about 400, two guys always seem to find me and sit a seat away from me and then just stare and look away. They always enter and leave from my side of the row (even though it is easier to go the other way) and I have to move my legs so they can get by.

I don't know what kind of "flirting" this is but I agree that it sure is distracting.

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This is how I deal with those people... depending on if I want to lead them on or not.


If I don't want to lead them on, I politely give them let them pass by, make no comments, don't look back no matter what, and even if I happened to look back I pretend I don't notice them.


If I do want to lead them on... I usually smile at them if they stare, hint that I do notice them, strike a chat about homework or stuff I need help with if needed, gradually sit closer to where they usually sit but make no comment about it and act perfectly normal. If they start a chat, score... if they don't, oh, well, there are others anyways.


If you think they're distracting you, and you really don't like them and they're annoying, after they sit down, pick up your stuff and move to the front. You're simply moving because you decided that you can't see the whiteboard that well and you want to listen to the professor better.

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i do like them both, and scott knows that cause i just told him on the trip today, he said that he has a girl , and that it was nice that i was honest w/ him.dan dont konw yet , they r both buds. so its hard , i would not find out if dan liikes me or not, cause this bud of mine is going to talk to this girl that knows dan well, so she thinks that dan like that girl so i have to wait tell i get an em from her. dan knows that i like scott cause he told him when we was leaving the site and dan looked at me.

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