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im confused...

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allright..heres my story:

there is this girl in school who liked me a few months ago. i know that because shed always start up a convo wit me, we'd flirt n stuff and whenever she saw me, she'd ask me to stay a bit and talk to her. so things went pretty good for some time. We went out and stuff, but then there was a screw up wit my frends callin her from my cell n piss her off a lot. since then whenever id call her we'd talk, but if i ask her out somewhere she wudnt go. i told her that i liked her, didnt help either...well i stopped trying after that anyway.

so its been a month or two now. mayb once in 2-3 weeks id call her just for fun but without any intention to get her to like me again. Last week, though, she asked me to take a bus to school with her, she even paid for me. Since then we'd talk and she'd stare at me nonstop, even when i turn away for a brief moment, and look back she'd continue looking at me...so thats the problem: i cannot tell if she likes me again or is she just being friendly like with everybody else?

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Hey Belomor123,


Your situation is exactly like mine ( ).


I liked this girl for a month or so, but somehow word got out about it and my friends were all telling me a bout it - right in front of her. She also thought I "was there" a little too often and got scared off. A few months later, she IMed me and we began to talk (gradually), but I still have my doubts. Then yesterday, she asks if I can see her at her job Saturday (I would consider going except I don't have my own car and just a permit).


Now on to you: Look for a few more signs to see if she likes you (other than the staring) such as body language. Someone told me if a girl likes you, she'll "try" to show it (whether it's games or not). Don't go too quickly unless she definitely likes you. When u ask her out, just be like "hey, I'm going to __________. Do you want to come?" or something like that; not a "direct" ask-out. Good luck!

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She definitely likes you dude. Just make sure you play your cards right this time. You probably acted a little too wimpy when things went bad the first time and it turned her off. Not too much attention though, or you will seem wimpy again. Play your cards right man and you should be alright. Make her come to you just a little. LEAVE THE DOOR CRACKED, BUT MAKE HER WALK THROUGH IT.

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