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my question is why would you want to? Really, whats the point other than takeing the chance of nicking an aeria that I really wouldn't wan't to be bleading.




Why u might want to:


1) Most girls prefer some1 who isnt a total animal down there


2) For hygiene purposes


3) Gives the illusion its bigger than when its covered in hair.


U don't have to shave it completely but neaten it up. Trim it down and shave areas that might get hairs u don't want like the penis shaft.


Would u want to go down on a girl with a really hairy bush?

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Don't shave.. most guys don't. However trimming is another thing. Some people trim it and give it a "buzzcut" or you can just trim it to whatever length you are comfortable with. Usually as long as you're somewhat trimmed most girls won't care. However, when you aren't trimmed, the huge bush that you've acquired isn't that sexy. lol

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