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vaginal thrush (yeast infection)

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Hi, well I have thrush... but the thing is I've had it for over a week and have been treating it for a week. I've been using an anti yeast cream, I've also been to the doctor and taken an oral pill that is supposed to clear it up.


It IS mostly gone, but I still have a faint prickling sensation every now and then.


The cream I'm using worked really well last week when the thrush was bad, but now it seems to make it a little bit itchy. When I wear nothing it is ok, but every now and then it prickles and starts to be itchy and then goes away. Is this just a sign of it clearing up or is it still there??


I don't want to go back to the doc if it's nothing, so if anyone's had thrush before could you tell me of your experience?



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I am not speaking from personal experience, but my daughter just got over the world's worst case of thrush, she had it for a month and a half. Are you taking any anti-biotics? if so, it'll make thrush not clear up or make it worse. Her dr started her out using Nystatin cream, which i have to say, sucks! It did nothing for her. Then, gentian violet. Her poor little butt was purple for a week and still nothing. He then put her on a liquid form of diflucan. That worked finally but it took a week for that to work. Give it some time but if doesn't clear up, go back to dr before it can cause more pain for you.

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Are you taking vitamines? I have heard that soy products help. Drink lots of water. Use unsweetened yoghert. Try and cut down on sweets, try and take it easy for a while.


I have found that yoga helps. There are some topical anti itch creams.


There is a cream called nupercainal, that I really like.

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