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Girls: Music


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Okay, I was just wondering what girls/women find interesting in musicians.


Is it cause the guys emotional?

The guys talented?

The guys dedicated to something?

Music sounds good?

The guys good with his hands ?

Or something else?



I play the guitar/piano/violin, and from my personal experience, I think it's undenyable that playing the guitar does give you additional points. I'm just curious as to which particular quality/qualities are thr attractive ones.

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Music sounds good, it looks romantic thanks to common media images, and OMG I love male voices!!


I used to be in a choir, and when we were touring, two of the guys had solo parts where they made the entire audience (at least the females) cry.


Men's voices are, IMO, the sexiest part of them.


Unfortunately, the one I'm dating doesn't have a sexy voice. It's okay, I love him still.

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don't sing through your nose, don't sing through your throat, sing through the bottom of your stomach.


... hold a note, that's absolutely crucial... hold a note and stay on key.


get your rhythm right, and pour in a ton of emotions + articulate a bit.


As long as you dare sing, you can sing. There's no bad singer, there's only unskilled singers.


My friends always say they can't sing, they're not talented... when in reality they just never carefully tuned themselves.


.... and there's bf... poor him, he can only hold a note when he's singing along with an instrument. If he's singing to make me happy, I usually can't even tell which song he's singing...



I agree with the above though. I hate being serenaded. It's just so amazingly fake and embarrassing.


It's usually when a guy's singing to please a crowd or please himself when he's the most sexy. ... in my opinion anyways. Otherwise, serenades are only nice when I'm being hugged as someone's singing to me.

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Another reason muscians get a lot of women is b/c of the possible fame/fortune that may come along with it. Again it's all about status and entertainers (athletes, actors, muscians, authors, politicians, doctors etc.) have the higher social status than the average person, say such of myself who works in the field of meteorology. Which is more sexier, a muscian, actor with $$$ or a meteorologist with $. LOL There's the answer to your question though some won't fess up to it.


But like Dave Chapelle I'm keeping it real and telling it like it is.

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Oh, no way... music...


Sure the big shots are earning lots, but realisticly speaking, there aren't a lot of famous musicians around. Most are actually very very poor.


When I see a musician or an artist I actually think "dirt poor for the rest of his life unless if he gets lucky."


I could have been a musician. I love music so much but I still gave it up for financial stability.


(Meteorologist is sexier than an Paleontologist right?

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