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What do I need to do to get him to ask me out?

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casual touching, eye contact, personal questions, make references to future plans together. that kinda stuff


I however am more of an "if you aknowledge I exsist" kinda guy lolol


oh and letting him think someone else is interested in you can backfire, some guys like a challenge, but some people might just say 'oh shes taken'

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The best way to get someone to want to ask you out/spend more time with you. Is to get them to WANT to see you more. You can do this by not giving them too much of your time. Be friendly and flirty when he comes around... but don't spend an excessive amount of time with him...always be a little busy. Too much interest can turn off a person.


This may sounds funny, but it works kinda the same with girlfriends. We're busy so I haven't seen my bud in a few days and I'll call her up and it's " hey girl let's do lunch or something to catch up." If I'd see her every day I wouldn't be in such a hurry to meet up and girl talk.


If he still doesn't ask you out, then maybe he just sees you as a friend.

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do something about it. dont just wait and hope. cause some guys will never ask you that way, be it cuz they think youre taken, you're out of his league, fear of rejection, or what have you. remember this: guys arent mind readers! i think this echos the sentiments of the majority of guys. we suck at guessing what those oh so subtle messages youre sending out mean. don't make it easy, just give the guy a chance to see you're into him.


plan a little evening to hang out. ask him what he's doing on the day in question and if he wants to hang out. if he likes you he will say yes without hesitation. this doesnt imply a date or that youre crazy for him, yet you clearly show your interest in wanting his company. i wish more women would do this, but we can all dream can't we?

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It's the 21st century, the century of the new women who fit into traditional stereotypes. You like this guy, then ask him out yourself b/c as someone else stated there will be guys who're just to shy to ask other girls out.


Maybe this guy thinks that while you flirt with him, it's just on a friendly level since girls in general have been known to flirt with guys they aren't even interested in just b/c girls tend to be friendly in nature. Or maybe he's not interested. It's not uncommon for a guy/girl to ignore the signals of someone they're not interested in from a boyfriend/girlfriend perspective. Just my 2 cents.

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Wait a second...didn't I read in another post that you were married?



1. Maybe he is not asking you out because you are MARRIED.

2. Maybe you should not be so concerned with him asking you out because you are MARRIED.

3. Take care of your marriage first.

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Other guys fliritng with you wont make him more eager to ask you out, it will make him eager to move on. If he had the slightest interest in you before, seeing you with naother guy will be like as massive turn off, like a big DANGER sign.

If you know he likes you, ask him out. Unless you do atleast 50% of the work, he wont ask you out, because he hasn't already yet.

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