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How can I say what I feel?

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On Saturday (yesterday), My Taunte Bep ( Dutch Aunt) called and told me that my Uncle John had died of cancer. He had lived in Canada for the last 20 years and over the last 18 had really been there for our family. When my Opa died almost on the day my parents married, he stepped in as the fatherly role for my dad. I know that my dad really misses him and I want to write a notoe to my taunte to give to her tomorrow. Seeing as I cant fly up to Ontario to see her, I want to express my feelings of gratitude towards him and let her know how special he was to me and my family. He was really funny and always made the people around him feel included.


If anybody has ideas on what I might be able to say in the letter, please reply. ( Any Catholic verses from the bible that relate would also be appreciated.)

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