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I may sound very stupid and Immature, please forgive me

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You really just kinda know man. However be careful as you can trick yourself into believing you are in love. Some good signs are, if you put the other person before yourself, you think of them constantly (although this could just mean your attached to them), when your around them things seem somehow better. I dunno amn its hard to explain, oh how I tried though.

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i had the same problem as you and it finally hit me that i loved her....whenver i wasnt with her i always wanted to be, there isnt anything i wouldnt do for her (within reason), you can talk about anything at all with them and it doesnt make you feel uncomrtable. i think another big thing is being able to sit with your gf and be able to go speechless and not feel uncomfortable..u remember the line in Pulp Fiction? its true

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This is a tough one, well i guess if u just feel incomplete witout the person most of the time, and u think about them all the time, basically any time u have to think, ur thinking about that person. Yes i also think that when u put that person ahead of urself then u must love them, because u r willing to do anything and everything for them. Love can control u sometimes, and its very hard to stop loving someone...almost impossible that's how strong it is.It can be the most amazing feeling ever and the most heartbreaking.

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thank you all sooo much i really appreciate your writings, it helped alot i have another question will it be ok to tell her how i feel right now? i have been feelin that way for a couple of days now.


thats another tough question, and once again i can relate to it...i knew i loved my gf about a month and a half before we told each other, and she was the one who told me first. when she told me and we discussed, it turned out that we both held off telling each other becuase we didnt want to ruin anything..you have to take a look at your situation...if you feel she feels the same way about you then tell her, if not and you tell her if may ruin things becuase she may not be ready for that yet....the way i looked at it, things woodnt really change if i didnt tell her early but cood kill things if i did......so i waited and it worked out for the bests....hope this helps

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You know... I think there's a lot of misconception when it comes to love. Thinking about someone all the time can simply be infatuation... that is a VERY different thing than love. And even feeling like you're going crazy when you can't see that person can merely be a side effect of infatuation.


I define love by these terms: if you would realistically be willing to turn your life upside down to make the relationship work out, to ensure that it will be a long and healthy relationship, and to show that person that you are willing to work hard to be with them, that is love. If the tiniest things you do in life are done for the sake of achieving goals that involve loving that person and being able to be with them, that's love. If you realize one day that all of your goals and dreams for your life have slightly changed to include that person, and your focus has gone from securing your own happiness to securing the happiness of the person you care for and your relationship, that is love.


I think that we too often delude ourselves by saying that if we obsess about a person, or if we do drastic things in an attempt to be with them, then that must be love. Love is a serious, thoughtful place to be. I think drastic decisions are really made in the name of "passion", not love. Love is the level-headed side of passion, I think.

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