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my so called "bf" is a idiot we talk on online alot and i looked at his profile and it said his single how is that possible if we are boyfriend/girlfriend.i asked him about it.and his reply was well your far. and i am single but your my \baby what the hell. i said ok fine whatever i dont know what he means by that..by being single when i thought i was his gf help plez whats wrong with him

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i'm guessing he doesn't count you as a girlfriend yet since its an Long Distance Relationship. Unless you have met him in real-life already... I wouldn't take it personally or anything. How long have you known him as a bf?


I'm guessing you and him are using Yahoo IM.

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i have known him about two months and no we did not meet yet.

2 months, well he probably just considers you a friend for now until he notices that you and him have feelings for one another.


Maybe he just has not gotten around to updating his profile yet. I for one only update my profile only about once or twice a year.

agree, I had single under my Yahoo Profile for 3 months out of the 4 months that my relationship lasted. and i only changed it cause she brought it up to me and i wasn't doing anything so i changed it. it could've been that when you brought it up he was doing something.

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