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In quite the predicament...

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Hi all, well the this involves me and my friend, Lynette. Throughtout the past year we have gotten to know eachother quite well, and , since September, we've been on the phone with eachother for over an hour at a time. The thing is, she knows I like her and she feels the same... even a psyche test we both took confirmed it. But, she doesn't want to lose me as a friend. The couple of times I've brought it up (once actually) she begn to compare me with her relationship with he ex and how it went all downhill after they broke-up. I'd never want to back her into a corner at all. And she has told me that she loves me, moreso than platonically, so I'm baffled. Not to mention that the last time we spoke , she tolde me that she loves me too before hanging up. So, any advice?????

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you gotta listen closely to her, especially if she starts comparing you to an ex. maybe she says something like "my ex never gave me any space" that could be her way of saying "I need more space". It really depends on how she was comparing you. I'm not sure if you can exactly tell if two people are compatable thru a pych test. Although many people believe otherwise, that you can't be 'friends' with your date, I think that sometime the 'friend' part of girlfriend or boyfriend gets lost.


She had a bad experience with her past ex and their breakup, she wanted to remain friends with him and he cut off for example. From my experience, i've had a lot of girls want to be really close friends after break ups, and it upset me because I felt like saying "If you really cared and valued our friendship you wouldn't have _blank_, and you want me to treat you exactly the same as I did before you started _blank_"


She also could see your relationship as on the verge of breaking, or is afraid your going to break up with her, perhaps even her ex surprised her and broke up with her with little notice, and she doesn't want to loose your friendship. Best solution to her about, voice your concerns. Hope i was able to offer some ideas

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