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First, here is some background: We get along well, she told me she isn't looking for a relationship right now tho, but based on what my friend said, I could perhaps "reel her in".


OK, so now here's my situation:

She's in only one of my classes at school (can't talk to her too much), but we're both in an SAT Prep class together twice a week (talk to her more - too bad it ends for a while in 2 weeks). I do know her screenname though...


Now, how often do I want to IM her? I know not to IM her a ton or else that will just be annoying, but how often should I IM her when she's online? I've talked to her online a couple of times, but I am not sure how to do this "perfectly". We're starting to know each other better, so I do want to talk to her, but not too much so it's annoying.


Any help will be appreciated.

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if u can make her laugh she wunt feel annoyed.

Yeah, I suppose that works. I sent her a funny "get better" animated greeting today and she really liked it. She's been in school the past couple of days but shes's been a little sick.



IM her and say watsup or something, be nice 2 her and listen to what she has to say

That's a good idea - I heard they test if ur listening and it u do, then it looks really good.


Any more help if anyone wants to offer is also appreciated.

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I'd talk whenever both of you are online. Since she said she's not looking for a relationship, try making friends with her first. After you two have been friends for a few weeks, try and up it a little bit by asking if you'd like to go to a movie or something or just hang out together. If that works, start doing it more frequently and get closer to each other. After a while try asking her out on a real date and if you played your cards right she'll say yes.

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