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Medical school and love life

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Well, I think you should wait at least until your out of college, but it all really comes down to how she feels about being a married woman in college. My boyfriend and I are both in college and we have a daughter together, but I wanted to get my education before I got married. Yes, I do have a daughter with him, but I think of marriage as a "in it forever" type deal. I want to get married and stay married. 9 years of college is a long time, and I'm sure it will be stressful. If you two believe in your relationship, and want to make it happen, then go for it! I just think you should see what her feelings are and everything.

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I can speak from personal experience here because I had two friends who were in Medical School, in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. They met when she was 18 and he was 20. They didn't get married until she was 30 and he was 32; 2 years after she became a Specialist at the Hospital. So they got married when they were fully qualified, had worked a couple of years, were more mature than when they were in their 20's, and settled down into a house with the money they had earnt.

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This may be irrelevant but I have a theory why its better to be married then single in law school/medical school. I am in a single women in law school and I wish I was married because all the married people seem happier. It seems since they have a family they are more relaxed because they know that there are more important things in life then school. When your single, school is all you have so you place a great deal of importance on that aspect of your life and slowly drive yourself crazy. Marriage may benefit a person about to enter medical school or law school because confidence comes from knowing that you have a committed partner at home that loves and supports you despite your class standing.


On a more relevant note:


Maybe you should take into account your financial situation and the type of wedding you desire. Weddings are costly and time consuming she will have neither time nor money during medical school so you might want to wait if she wants a huge wedding or if you want to be married GO FOR IT (nothings wrong with a small wedding).

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