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in some serious drama

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i have a problem...my ex boyfriend and i though we broke bonds a while ago, about 8 months after being apart we found each other again and re-declared our love for each other. however, we did not get back into a new relationship for fear of what might possibly happen. so we stayed "friends" but we continued to have a romantic relationship. this is making me feel lonely because i am deeply in love with him, however because we have not claimed each other we both are up for anyone else. someone new has come into my life and i am not necissarily interested in them but they insist that we get to know each other and "try to make it work", but i cannot tear away from my ex because i feel so in love with him even though i know inside me that if i confront him about my situation he will not change his state of mind about our present relationship. i dont know what to do... i dont want to leave my ex because i am in love with him but i also dont want feel this odd sort of rejectment. i also dont want to pass up the opportunity to possibly be with someone who will show me affection. im so confused and need some advice.

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Who is balking at getting back together...you or your ex? I know, you said it was mutual but usually there is one person that is exerting more influence. If it is your ex, then why not go out with this other guy. I would just caution you on getting physical with him until you are sure who you want. It sounds like the new guy is kind of aggressive so be careful.


Another side benefit of going out with new guy...not that I would ever encourage manipulation....but if word gets back to your old guy it will make him reassess his priorities, without a doubt. Of course, I have no idea how he woudl react but if he truly cares then hopefully this will kick him in the pants and he'll make an attempt to reconcile.


One question to ask yourself: if your ex was facing this same situation, what would he do? Has he already started dating again? If the answer is "yes" then I think you know what you need to do.

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ok ...if your ex bf does not feel the same way about you and is not willing to get into a realationship again you should try and move on ..i have been in similar situations ..and he may just be using u for ''booty'' or suntin until he finds someone else ...it happens ..most guys are scum... so really think about this and if you really dont think he will ever agree to getting back with you ...go for this other guy ..it will hurt loosing someone you love ..and maybe down the road you can be friends..believe it or not i am just friends with my first love...never really hang out n e more...but the love has gone and i still care for him and all ..but not attracted n e more...but if you dont take the chance with this new guy you could totally loose out on somehting..and get hurt again by this ex of yours...take a chance at happiness and love again

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