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A shy boy confused with what to say to a shy girl.

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Ok. My first topic was mistakenly placed under flirting, so I figured I might get better advice here.


There is this shy girl in my 8th period class who rarely talks at all. I gathered enough courage to talk to her about a test that we took. Since the teacher doesn't like any talking in class, I had to retreat to my desk when the bell rang. Anyway, as you can see, I have a very limited amount of time to talk to her because the only other time I can talk is while we're walking to our lockers, which aren't anywhere near each other. I got her to laugh a tiny bit and she tends to smile when I talk to her, in a friendly way, but I just can't seem to think of a good conversation.


I have read many things that advise me to talk about music that we're interested in, but I find it odd walking up to a girl and asking her a random quesiton. After talking to her, and discovering this forum, I found out that many people think that in your first conversation you should introduce yourself (like name). I never did this and I know her name by just listening to her friends say her name. Last of all, I feel nervous when I walk up to her and .........


I just need help on how to get her to talk to me more. I don't really care about asking her out at this time but I just want her to perhaps walk up to me and talk. Any advice would be very helpful.

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dude, i had the same problem before.


all you got to do is know what shes interested in, then try to find a way to realte to that. and tell like a joke about it or something, or idk, just talk to her. talking to people isnt hard, its asking them out thats hard, so just go for it. and if she finds you weird then oh well cause sooner or later she wont really think youre that weird anyways(unless youre a nerd or something)


but yea, just go for it

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See, the problem is, I'm not really sure how to approach her. Should I just act like how I do around my other friends (because I'm defiantly not nervous around them), maybe a little more polite... Plus, ZEROdarkness, I with I was in the same lunch period, but unfortunately, I'm not (that would provide plenty of chances to talk). And on that, please note that I have very limited amount of time to talk. Thanks, nevertheless.

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