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Friends or more then friends??

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Sorry it this is long:

I confused of why my friend is like this to me. We usually wait for each other after 2nd period and walk together. She walks with me, even past her class until i reach the staircase and from there we split up. Sometimes she ask's me to meet up with her afterschool. She's touchy with me, we talk alot. She once said that she had a dream we were going out. Were close friends trust each other a lot. when i walk ahead of her she pulls me back. She gives me hugs here and there, and we held hands for a moment a few sec.i didnt question it tho. A few times she askes me about my feelings for her. yea she knows but she also knows that im confused with my feelings. Im narrowing it down now...


Since i was confused with my feelings, as well as her, i noticed that Her ex boyfriend who broke up with her realized he was wrong. So i decided to give them a second chance. once they were going out, i confessed to Elise that i have feelings for her. I also gave her my support, that she is willing to work things out and start anew.


so there going out now and i expect them to be close but that isnt the case. When i walked home with her i asked how close they were. She said that there arent as close as i am to her. they dont talk as much, and when i see them together there silent. im getting concern now. Why is she like this to me when she already has a boyfriend? Should i talk to her about this? im just lost rite now

thanks for your time

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Hi VultureFury,


I was only just recently in the same situation. She had a bf and we were getting closer, i had feelings for her. I had a feeling she knew i liked her but we never said anything, we had meaningful conversations with each other and i trust her with my secrets. We got quite close, poking, tickling and staring at each other, we even held hands before. It really confused me to a point where i couldn't think properly. I knew what we were doing was wrong because she already had someone but we still flirted with each other. I didn't confess my feelings for her in the end, were still good friends and the flirting has stopped a little now but were still close.


I'd be careful if i were you, be very sure of what her situation is with this guy she's with. Find out her true feelings and then tell her yours and if you care enough for each other then i don't see why it can't work. She's showing all the signs of interest in you, but be sure before returning them to be on the safe side.


Talk to her and find out where she stands and yourself and get things sorted. Im sure everything will work out, follow your heart but also use your brain in some areas .


Hope this helps you in some way, best of luck to you .


- whitefang

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Thanks White fang


Yesterday i walked her home and ask her indirectly. I asked her how she's doing with her b4. There doing fine its just that they dont talk much. Sometimes she doesn't now what to say to him. Im just not quite sure now i sould confront her about how she's been acting around me. or should i just leave it there? not pay attention to it?

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