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Meeting New People(Friends)


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As some of you may have read in my previous post, I'm currently a junior in college. I'm a very approachable person who is extremely active and loves doing things outside a lot of the time. I find it hard meeting people who enjoy the same thing. I've even joined a few clubs down here at school but those efforts have proved futile. My roommates are also lazy as hell and don't want to do anything but stay inside all day and play videogames(which I think are a huge waste of time but that's just my opinion).


Any ideas on better ways for me to meet people with similar interests as me? I've tried so many different methods but they just don't seem to work.

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What exactly do you like to do outside? What does "active" mean? Does it mean you participate in sports? hiking? Digging for rocks?


Why not join a cross country running group, a hiking club or some other group that meets to do things outside? Maybe there are people who do urban farming or help rebuild houses for people that have had them destroyed by flood, hurricane or earthquake. I am sure there are groups like that around. If not, you are not looking hard enough. Groups like that are in every community. You might not make a best friend right off the bat, but when people start seeing you around at different events and things, you establish a new circle of people. Some people may eventually stick as friends. Dont target specific people and have the goal of making them a friend - just go with the flow and put yourself out there.

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