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she broke up with me, i cant live without her

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my one girlfriend, kendall, broke up our 2 1/2 month relationship in february, stating that she wasnt interested in a relationship. i was just like, "ok, thats cool, i respect that". it wasnt a great big loss for me, but i was still disappointed.


i went to the movies with her and some friends in july, and afterwards i realized that i still have strong feelings for her. a couple days after the movies, i asked her if she would go out with me, and she said no, again saying that she didnt want a boyfriend. one of those "its not you, its me" type of things.


so anyway i saw her again last weekend at my friends dance (her and my friend go to the same school), and she had asked me to dance (not to a slow song). i had to decline because i had brought my girlfriend (now my ex) along. does this mean that she may have an interest in me, or she just wanted to dance?


cuz the day after the dance i was over my friends house and kendall called my friend and me and kendall wound up talking. we started reminiscing about the old times and stuff. it wasnt a long conversation, but either way i still have feelings for her. i desperately want to get back together with her.


i dont want to straight-on ask her out because she has already turned me down before (after the movies), and i dont want her to think that im a stalker. any help?


ps. we're both 15, in case that helps any

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The fact that you are only fifteen means alot. You should forget about going out with her but continue being friends. Who knows someone other girl may like you but you don't know it because your soo wound up in this one girl. This happened to me once in high school. i had been dateing a girl for a few months and then we broke up , i still had feelings for her and tried to win her back. One of my other friends who happened to be a girl said that i should move on. later i decided to get ober it, i come out that the girl that said to move on has always liked me but never said anyhting because i was always with someone else. I began to date this friend and was the happiest person ever.

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