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Looking for feedback on a business idea

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I'm, among other things, a songwriter. I've been thinking about starting a personalized song service, where private people would "commission" a song.


What I'd like feedback on is who out there has ever had a personalized song written for them, and what was the occasion?


Who would be interested in a personalized song? (eg. at a birthday party)


This can help me figure out who to present this idea to, and what people would use a personalized song for. I appreciate any input.

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I think that you would have a pretty big market, if you're talented at what you do. I would advise that your primary marketing channel be via the Internet, where plenty of romantic and lovelorn souls abound!


Would you actually sing the song yourself? Write the lyrics and the music? I guess we need a few more details to answer your other questions.

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So here's my thought. I would offer a CD or MP3 of both the music and a track with me singing the song, to at least show how it goes. I would communicate with the person "commissioning" it to make sure it says what he/she wants, in the style they're looking for.


I've been thinking that a person might order a song for a wedding, for instance, or if someone wants to propose. It would certainly feel good to help that happen! Or birthdays, anniversaries.


The ideas I'm looking for are basically for who to offer this to (absolutely via internet). Who would want to commission a personalized song, and for what purpose? Is it lovelorn people, and what uses would they have for a personalized song.


I have a lot of ideas, but I'm looking for concrete feedback. Thanks.

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